Memorable songs of 21-31 December 2017

The final batch of contributions to Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2017 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 11 days.

Thursday 21 December: Kool & The Gang – Home for the Holidays

Today was my final working day this year. The rest of 2017 is spent on family, walking, running, church, culture, and cooking. It’s also #throwbackthursday with Kool & The Gang.
[spotify spotify:track:7JIYUgClq0gYBSIZdA0gTf ]

Friday 22 December: Chloe Agnew – Vincent – Starry, Starry Night

Today I watched the movie Loving Vincent and visited the accompanying exposition in the Noordbrabants Museum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Starry, Starry Night was played at the end of the movie. Pity, that the OST version of Lianne le Havas is not available on Spotify. I chose the alternative sung by the Irish Chloe Agnew.

[spotify spotify:track:4vTjBMsiQ3wvKv8MAS6V3s ]

Saturday 23 December: JES & Cosmic Gate – Fall Into You

Last week, JES issued a music video to her latest single, Fall Into You just in time for the Holiday Season!.

[spotify spotify:track:2pREC6NtAPmj9ogWTnoM50 ]

Sunday 24 December: Mad at the World – That’s What He Said

After 22 years of absence from the music scene, one of my favorite synth pop bands, Mad at the World, is back with Hope. The crowd funded album was just released last Thursday, and already available on Spotify to share with you. Here’s That’s What He Said.
[spotify spotify:track:7pS2qB3OfK8CVKjtRIhNpJ ]

Monday 25 December: Mensenkinderen – Waar de hemel open is

[spotify spotify:track:5PVaJEug0S4CDjJE9XJOfh ]

Tuesday 26 December: Minco Eggersman – Away in a Manger

[spotify spotify:track:5DTGUaFjg5lQX9O8322iYB ]

Wednesday 27 December: Anne-Marie – Then

It’s the season for retrospectives. UK Anne-Marie Nicholson’s latest single does that too….on a former lover.
[spotify spotify:track:2EGJB8bDbbxtvSgJQLwqK7 ]

Thursday 28 December: Mat Kearney – Face to Face

How long does it take to be face to face again, certain you’re set free by grace? Mat Kearney is a very poppy song is bloody serious. Face to Face is taken from the upcoming Crazytalk album.
[spotify spotify:track:6kzLnB49mh3SSFuuXj3PVf ]

Friday 29 December: Steve Antti – If We Walk in the Light

I enjoy a couple of light walks in Amsterdam and Zwolle these days. Jesus taught us, that if we walk in the light, we spread the love and good deeds. Steve Antti summarizes several Bible verses on the theme in a relaxing reggae setting in the title track of his 2016 album.
[spotify spotify:track:50Rt2jjXJxM2XNA6nPpdwL ]

Saturday 30 December: Sonja van Hamel, Tessa Douwstra & Viktor van Woudenberg- Little Red Car

Today I celebrate Johan’s birthday. This friend of hours is passionate about oldtimers. He expressed a wishlist full of books about and tools for cars. We bought the book ‘Groeten van het rode autootje‘ by Sonja van Hamel, who happened to have published a single on that little red car as well.
[spotify spotify:track:3FUDONHeFlZF37tGDfKx9Z ]

Sunday 31 December: Brooke Fraser – New Year’s Eve

The last contribution for 2017 is New Year’s Eve by Brooke Fraser. “It’s New Year’s Eve, babe. And I’d really like to be alone. Big eyes against the white. Big eyes beneath the lights. And no one seems to feel it. But I do. Our faces to the wind. My heart…”

[spotify spotify:track:54NOA2dEFAFgoco0PdagmK ]