George Vucin – Leadership: As Seen Through the Eyes of a Follower

It takes creativity these days to come up with a new view on leadership. What differentiates Leadership: As Seen Through the Eyes of a Follower is the perspective. Don’t think it’s now about looking up to a leader and obeying whatever he or she commands you to do. George Vucin considers everyone as a follower of a leader at all times as well. It is as if Bob Dylan’s Gotta Serve Somebody is playing in the background.

Straightforward themes like vision, motivation, acknowledgment, and recognition are addressed next to the roles of the leader and the required flexibility in leadership styles. The author chose not to elaborate all the theoretical models and popular frameworks around. In fact, no references or footnotes at all appear in Leadership, although Vucin confirms to have read libraries full in the five years that took to write this debut.

Rather than separating managers from leaders, Vucin talks about managers and social figurehead both needed, sometimes combined in one person, at other times more prevalent traits of different persons. A manager cannot perform well without social skills, and social figurehead will need their managerial skills to lead the way properly. Trust, office politics, leading virtual teams, ethics, and sources of corruption offer more content in this book than just an introduction to leadership. Well done!

About the author

Born in 1975, George Vucin entered the workforce by delivering newspapers at age 15.  Since that point, George has worked in positions ranging from retail sales to government service.  He has volunteered at non-profit organizations and served in a leadership position for a university student group.  Summed up, George has participated in, and has been exposed to, organizational leadership in many different forms and at various levels.

George holds a Masters in Leadership from Duquesne University and, at the time of this publication, is completing a second graduate degree in Human Resource Management.  In addition, he’s received extensive leadership training and obtained a management certification.

LEADERSHIP: As Seen Through the Eyes of a Follower
 is George’s first book, which took five years to write.  This publication may be a sole endeavor or perhaps his muse will speak up again in the future.  Only time will tell.

I received a free review copy from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.