Randy Frazee – What Happens After You Die

What happens after you die? This is one of those poignant life questions for which a Christian should know the answer. Rather than repeating what others say it’s good to dig into the Bible every now and then to unearth the promises and statements found there. I recognize much of the journey I made for and with my small group in church on this broad topic. Pastor Randy Frazee did the same triggered by the death of his mother. Is it true that everyone goes to heaven? How real is hell and who’s supposed to end up there? What about the Roman Catholic construct of purgatory? Funeral or cremation? Can we earn a ticket to heaven or has God predetermined who will be with Him for eternity? And what about the new heaven and earth Revelations is talking about?

The exploration of biblical answers divided in the Life Now, the Life in Between and Eternal Life is what Fraze presents in What Happens After you Die: A Biblical Guide to Paradise, Hell, and Life After Death. No frills, in your face, possibly more radical and outspoken than your own pastor may dare, this book seeks to find answers without pleasing one over the other. Clear and concise, founded in the Bible, instead of love covers all wishful thinking. Additional resources can be found online.


About the author

Randy Frazee is the senior minister at Oak Hills Church, one of the largest churches in America, leading alongside author and pastor Max Lucado. A leader and innovator in spiritual formation and biblical community, Randy is the architect of The Story church engagement campaign. He is also the author of The Heart of the StoryThe Connecting Church 2.0, and The Christian Life Profile Assessment. He and his wife, Rozanne, live in San Antonio, Texas.

I received a free review copy from the publisher Thomas Nelson through Booklookbloggers in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.