Memorable songs of 21-30 November

As follow-up to 2016’s HotSpotify 366 challenge, for which I added one special song each day to a Spotify playlist, I created Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2017 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 10 days.

Tuesday 21 November: Matt Mancid & Color Theory – The Ghost In You

A new track from these gentlemen delivering fine synth pop cover of Brian Hazard’s favorite Psychedelic Furs song. Surprisingly, collaborator Matt Mancid had never heard it. Psychedelic Furs wasn’t big in Germany. Honestly, I didn’t know the original until now too. Two days too early for an official #throwbackthursday including the video clip of the original.

Wednesday 22 November: Steve Blanchard – Northbound Train

Traveling by Thalys high speed train back to Schiphol, a northbound train back to you.

Thursday 23 November: London Grammar – Hell to the Liars Gorgon City Mix

Tonight I’ll be attending the London Grammar concert in AFAS Live @ Amsterdam.

Friday 24 November: Lo Moon – Loveless

Lo Moon supported London Gramnmar at Thursday night’s concert in Amsterdam. Their Loveless (2016) single is featured today as a thank you.

Saturday 25 November: Dua Lipa – New Rules (Initial Talk remix)

Two weeks ago a 80’s synth pop remix of New Rules popped up online. An official release was done yesterday. Guilty pleasures sound meets 2017 pop singer Dua Lipa. Perfect tune to walk on.

Sunday 26 November: Andy Hunter – Wide Open

British DJ Andy Hunter released his Presence, Vol.2 album last Friday. Dreamy trance tunes. I picked Wide Open for you.

Monday 27 November: VHS Collection – Sign

A fine synth pop track to kick off this work week. Working from Brussels on Monday and Tuesday.

Tuesday 28 November: Michael W. Smith – First Snowfall

Although this one from Michael W. Smith’s Christmas album, I dedicate this instrumental to the first snowfall in the Lower Countries these days.

Wednesday 29 November: Lost Dogs – Dust on the Bible

Tonight it’s time again to lead our church’s small group on Bible study. The Lost Dogs covered the Kitty Wells / Hank Williams 50’s country music classic Dust on the Bible on their Real Men Cry (2001) album. Here we go!

Thursday 30 November: ERA – 7 Seconds

#throwbackthursday with ERA (yes, you all know Ameno). They’re back with The 7th Sword. On this album a multilingual cover of 7 Seconds, the 1994 smash hit by Youssou N’Dour & Neneh Cherry. The original video clip is to refresh your memory.