Chris Durso – The Heist: How Grace Robs Us of Our Shame

Originally pitched as The One Crime Jesus Did Commit, the publisher thought How Grace Robs Us of Our Shame less offensive subtitle to Chris Durso‘s latest book The Heist. The way God saved us from Satan’s grip and frees us from ourselves, from our sin and shame, is nothing short of an incredible heist. The author elaborates the parable of the prodigal son, interwoven with the almost perfect diamonds and jewelry robbery by Leonardo Notarbartolo in Antwerp, Belgium back on 2003’s Valentine’s Day. Leonardo was caught afterward because of his team members panicked and failed to set the remnants which could trace back to the criminals on fire.

In a perfect act of sacrifice, Jesus Christ robbed the enemy of every claim he ever had on our lives in return for grace and freedom. The narrative makes excursions to the biblical stories of David, Lazarus, Zacchaeus, and Simon Peter. What started as a sermon, so much is clear, should have kept the focus on the two initial story lines to better serve the reader. The personal stories of being a pastor’s kid and church kid was a turn-off as well. It sounded too much like a recommendation to live 24/7 in a bubble called a local church, possibly unintended, but difficult to relate to as 99,99% of the rest of mankind, believers and unbelievers. Speaking of the latter, this audience may find it difficult to follow Durso in his quick steps through bible land in order to reach the party of the father who has his prodigal son back, the graceful end God planned for all of His children.


Erwin Raphael McManus (Mosaic Church, Los Angeles, author of The Artisan Soul) wrote the foreword to The Heist.

About the author

Chris Durso is the founding pastor at Misfit NYC, a ministry for Millennials in New York. He is co-pastor of Christ Tabernacle church in Queens, New York. Chris resides with his wife, Yaris, and two children, Dylan and Chloe, in New York.

I received a free review copy from the publisher through Bloggingforbooks in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.