Erin McCarley – Yu Yì

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Five years went by since My Stadium Electric. Erin McCarley is finally back with a load of fresh laid back R&B tunes with a heavily sexual content. Not only in Sexicon and Sexy.Electric.Respected, but throughout Yu Yì the singer songwriter appeals to orgasmic experiences, self-empowerment, and breaking free. “Whisky eyes and my last cigarette. I wanna wake up with no regrets. I’m ready, I’m ready for a better life” In Cherry Tree she collaborates with Ruslan, who also mixed the latest lead single Dignity. Previously the songs Good, DieDieDie, Out of the Fog and I Can Be Somebody, written by Dennis Matkosky and produced with Deorro, and included in the original motion picture soundtrack to  , were released as singles. The downside of the album is the similarity of the various songs. I really miss an upbeat track or two. Yu Iì can easily become a mellow background soundscape without really stir emotions.

Evan Hutchins, Aaron Aaron Krause, and Ruslan produced the ten songs. And here’s the endorsement by Katie Herzig.