Erik Smith – Neuroplasticity: Old brain meets new tricks

The brain’s ability to adapt the way neurons are wired and fire is called neuroplasticity. For years one believed that reaching adolescence meant a fixation of brain functions. Experiments with people suffering from unilateral paralysis, missing arms or legs, led to the new paradigm of plasticity, through which a brain, even of old people, can learn new tricks. Erik Smith compiled this mini guideĀ Neuroplasticity: Old brain meets new tricks which costed me only 15 minutes to read.

Neuroplasticity in a nutshell followed by a series of hacks to care about your brain’s health (food, exercise, challenges, rest, etc.), and ways to stimulate your brain (do something different every day, expose yourself to new books, movies, hobbies, people). By focus, deep work or flow, the brain gets stimulated to strengthen the ‘wires’. Stress management can avoid damage. 31 pages with condensed, yet readable food for thought and health.

I received a free review copy at during an online campaign initiated by the author. Unfortunately, I don’t have a bio or background of Erik Smith.