Virginia Cam – Because Self-Publishing Works: Everything I Learned About How to Market a Book

As a June 2017 follow-up to Everything I Learned About How to Publish a Book, the Because series by author Virginia Cam features Everything I Learned About How to Market a Book. Successfully marketing your book takes a lot of time and perseverance. Tips and tools to help you spend your energy as efficient as possible are welcome. There are seven important aspects that demand your marketing efforts: product design, discoverability, advertising, promotion, publicity, public relations, and customer retention, a somewhat tweaked version of the classic 4 P’s in Marketing (price, product, place, promotion). Cam provides a wealth of information to draft your marketing plan, and execute it. Good practices on approaching libraries, book reviewers, involvement in social media, getting your book categorized properly in Amazon to online link analyzers, and pricing.

The book contains links to downloadable materials, time-saving templates, and online resources that are even more volatile than the ebook due to changes in the way promotion and place are supported with current tools.

About the author

V.V. Cam‘s philosophy of life exemplifies the saying “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” When it comes to exploring the ever-changing world of self-publishing, V.V. has proven she is no stranger to embracing new worlds and ideas. She has not only learned how to fish but also has spent her life teaching hundreds of others to become self-reliant.

The two books in the Because Self-Publishing Works series share the knowledge she learned while helping her husband publish and market his book. You will appreciate her pragmatic advice, compassionate voice, and succinct writing style that bring clarity and fresh perspective to the evolving self-publishing industry.

I received a free review copy from the author in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.