V.J. Chambers – Skin and Blond

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Private detective Ivy Stern had been kicked off the police force because of sleeping around. True to her nature as nymphomaniac she indeed shares her body with a lot of men throughout Skin and Blond. Having sex with total strangers like trucker Ralph at the start of this plot and getting drunk are two habits endangering her life and well-being in the long term. Ivy with her assistant Brigit is out on a mission to find a missing girl. Several suspects and possible scenarios come into the picture, but none of these result in a smoking gun that can be handed over to the police to bring it to justice.

Adding to the crime story with a narrow escape and a solved case on the very last pages of the book several characters are brought in and developed. From ex-boyfriend Miles, a mafia family, stalker Crane to the pondering of settling down and start a family, and the position on abortion. The plot shows a vulnerable female protagonist, unable to keep herself and house clean.

This is Book one in a series. A sequel is already announced.

About the author

USA Today bestselling author V. J. Chambers writes about obsession, addiction, and agonized attraction. She pens dark romance and thrillers in varied settings, from contemporary to post-apocalyptic to paranormal. She writes fantasy and science fiction under the name Val St. Crowe.

She lives in Shepherdstown, WV, with her boyfriend Aaron, their new baby son, and their cat.