Memorable songs of 21-31 August

As follow-up to 2016’s HotSpotify 366 challenge, for which I added one special song each day to a Spotify playlist, I created Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2017 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 10 days.

Monday 21 August: LZ7 – Give My All

This brand new, past paced track is a rare addition to my Running on 160 bpm tracks playlist. Who would have thought that LZ7 could go that fast?
[spotify spotify:track:6ZoKcdqsmyNIZdknhWGEu4]

Tuesday 22 August: Decap & Toby – Welcome to the Blockchain (The Bitcoin Song)

A meeting on blockchain technology opportunities to finish my work day. There’s a song for that.
[spotify spotify:track:2AGcXrqIJloEJNQHMzTdA2 ]

Wednesday 23 August: Kenny Mac – Running Faster

Fasten your seatbelts or release your wild hair: Kenny Mac’s here with some hard rock.
[spotify spotify:track:3LULNq9Q3XprFPQsmi9lNb]

Thursday 24 August: Allah-Las – The Earth Won’t Hold Me

The aftermath of threat of a terrorist attack on the Allah-Las concert in Maassilo, Rotterdam results in a matching brand new single by the band.

[spotify spotify:track:2AtZSs0bQPwoU6hKOtLsEX ]

Friday 25 August: Lana del Rey – Lust for Life

The Avener Rework of Lust for Life illustrates the diversity of this Friday.
[spotify spotify:track:6tcB5tAD0mKp2q9wlVSRBp ]

Saturday 26 August: Satin Jackets & David Harks – Northern Lights

A typical tune to walk on, Northern Lights by Satin Jackets & David Harks.
[spotify spotify:track:3VT2WolplCglmbxCdiFy5A ]

Sunday 27 August: Ollie Dodge – BBQ

Yesterday night’s BBQ in our backyard with friends and family to celebrate the birthday anniversaries of both Johan and Marianne is over. Cleaning up with a smooth melody in the background.
[spotify spotify:track:4v46FQcYkfJAi1qqnF8ga2 ]

Monday 28 August: Glas – ögon

As project manager you have to keep your eyes wide open throughout the day, listen and speak your languages in an international context like a banking multinational.
[spotify spotify:track:1vOjLxUAIa6eyaZqJY7AK3 ]

Tuesday 29 August:

Both Stroll On and Hit Parade by MuteMath are already in the list. Tonight’s Mutemath concert in Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht. Support act The Lightning Year delivers today’s song, Needle.
[spotify spotify:track:0QuVmnAU0Zq8uJ8NbAUV1z ]

Wednesday 30 August: The Killers – Wonderful, Wonderful

Unmistakenbly The Killers, nevertheless a new sound to 2017. This new single is the title track of their upcoming album Wonderful, Wonderful, to be released on 22 September.
[spotify spotify:track:1swwODl5Ea2dAvE6I8Umv4 ]

Thursday 31 August: Katie Herzig – Viva La Vida

A tweet triggered me on 24 August. Katie Herzig‘s back since 2014 releasing a cover of Coldplay‘s mega hit Viva La Vida. #throwbackthursday

[spotify spotify:track:7cNNiZYPFtWyojppe2MK8J ]