Memorable songs of 11-20 September

As follow-up to 2016’s HotSpotify 366 challenge, for which I added one special song each day to a Spotify playlist, I created Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2017 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 10 days.

Monday, 11 September: Katie Herzig

Katie Herzig is back with a new single. Here’s Strangers.
[spotify spotify:track:2rbDxZ13D1rzdoI5DRe7IC ]

Tuesday, 12 September: Club Drive – Voyager

Traveling all over the country again to reach work in Amsterdam, get to my mother in the hospital in Deventer, and return home in Balkbrug.
[spotify spotify:track:0ZPTY0m4zzuM6cyw72Rssz ]

Wednesday, 13 September: Priest – White Wing Dove

Priest‘s also back with new music. Her single White Wing Dove, is featured today.
[spotify spotify:track:1dZUtVBnqKExu1z01cbFXf ]

Thursday, 14 September: Eurythmics – Here Comes the Rain Again

The 1984 hit Here Comes the Rain Again by Eurythmics, a weather song to illustrate the situation in the Netherlands this week. It’s #throwbackthursday.
[spotify spotify:track:78RIER8V6EhrqVPOBi2GYa ]

Friday, 15 September: Sanctus Real – Changed

New Music Friday. Toledeo based rock band Sanctus Real is Changed.
[spotify spotify:track:5XkcVipCbJAncFmOgLef1J ]

Saturday, 16 September: Thousand Foot Krutch – Untraveled Road

That’s what I hope for every long distance walk. This time during the Kennedy March in Haaksbergen it was at least new music from Thousand Foot Krutch. Here’s the title track of TFK’s live album.
[spotify spotify:track:42dcrUoTkLfzR0e7yXOsOB ]

Sunday, 18 September: Laura Story – Blessings

[spotify spotify:track:0gI1wucmc2djSV3e25LqCd ]
Today’s church service was open for contributions and testimonies from all members. We didn’t get a sermon (like on regular Sundays) or prescribed liturgy (we never have that). One of the personal stories that was shared was about the discovery of our place towards God in times of pain and trouble. Laura Story‘s Blessings was sung live afterwards.

Monday, 18 September: Jason Wade – Santa Monica

Jason Wade‘s single Santa Monica trof ik opp Spotify aan bij Leon van Wijngaarden. De zanger / gitarist van rockband Lifehouse geeft toe, dat dit geheel anders is dan wat hij ooit eerder heeft geschreven. Synth pop, mensen!
[spotify spotify:track:5I15i7P680M6590QzBzX5Q ]

Tuesday, 19 September: Hugh – Go

Another great synth pop tune is Go by Hugh.
[spotify spotify:track:2H8hCM0tC0eDbCRRH5Kv19 ]

Wednesday, 20 September: Evanescence – Imperfection

Evanescence announced the release of their new album Synthesis (release date: 10 November 2017). Imperfection is the latest single. The band will tour with an orchestra. Sunday 25 March 2018 will be the date Evanescence will perform in AFAS Live in Amsterdam. Tickets on sale per 22 September.
[spotify spotify:track:000nPH1O1e13YUJhvvnIDw ]