John Hawkins & Caleb Breakey – Expect Greatness

Even though we all have different backgrounds, hopes, dreams, goals, and ambitions, every one of us is called to live a life of excellence. We are meant to expect greatness from ourselves and those around us. That’s quite an opening statement in John Hawkins & Caleb Breakey – Expect Greatness. It’s neither about perfection, nor a lazy life free from any obligations. Many have lowered standards and have become accustomed to mediocrity. A life of lasting significance doesn’t just happen by chance, and it isn’t an opportunity for the happy few.

Fueled by positive thinking, self-empowerment quotes, and inspirational thoughts, the authors kind of repeat personal leadership thinkers like the late Stephen R. Covey, Robert Maxwell, Kenneth Blanchard, and in the Netherlands, Henk Jan Kamsteeg in his De volgende 30 jaar (the next 30 years) with the steps to formulate your values, a personal creed, and the emphasis on small steps to realize the change you envisioned. The journey to greatness is different for every person. Connecting with authors, transparency and accountability help. The authors don’t hide their Christian background, but their superficial Bible rendering leaves sufficient room for readers with a different view on life to still benefit from its message.

Workbook sections to leave your notes and state next actions stimulate to really move forward.

About the authors

Caleb Breakey is a former journalist and author of Called to Stay and Dating Like Airplanes. He lives in Washington State with his wife and fellow writer, Brittney.

John Hawkins describes himself as
✔ A husband to a beautiful, funny, sharp woman, who is simply awesome and amazing.
✔ A father to one little girl, who can’t sleep very good, has more energy than 10 little girls and is a dress-up queen.
✔ Firstborn son to a single parent household (Mom…you did GREAT!) and brother to two younger brothers.
✔ Grew up in a trailer park in San Jacinto, CA where I learned to play Atari, dig holes to China, and how to play nice with all kinds of people.
✔ A sports fanatic who played some semi-pro football in Japan, Beach volleyball in California, Ice Hockey ( I am an awful skater), martial arts and now cross fit. I LOVE to see people with tremendous heart win!!!
✔ I ride a motorcycle and have a couple of stand-up paddleboards.
✔ I am a US Navy Veteran and I am proud to be an American!
✔ I live in Florida about a block from the beach…I LOVE THE SUNRISES HERE !!!
✔ I am an ice cream enthusiast and have tried over 200 flavors (I need a shirt or bumper sticker or a cool ice cream club).
✔ A coffee aficionado ( I actually have a training manual for how to make coffee at my house).
✔ Have both the Warrior Spirit and Servant Heart mindset.

I got a free review copy of this book from the authors in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.