Memorable songs of 1-10 July

As follow-up to 2016’s HotSpotify 366 challenge, for which I added one special song each day to a Spotify playlist, I created Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2017 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 10 days.

Saturday 1 July: Lights – Giants

The new single & video from Skin&Earth is available everywhere now. The video brings the album’s companion comic book series to life, featuring Lights stepping into the dystopian world she’s created, fully in character as her protagonist “Giants” is available everywhere now, with the first print issue of the monthly comic book series – Skin&Earth #1 – on sale July 12 via Dynamite Entertainment.

[spotify spotify:track:2FLhHX8HpeqO4E3GEFz85Z ]

Sunday 2 July: Parcels – Overnight

Funky music to walk to. Last day of Barchemse Vierdaagse today.
[spotify spotify:track:1kgws2l8gsvDhtsVyzWbu9 ]

Monday 3 July: Imagine Dragons – I Don’t Know Why

The new album Evolve is being reviewed these days. Today’s song is Imagine Dragon’s track I Don’t Know Why.
[spotify spotify:track:15dnkAHcHC0vrIUlbiPiqU ]

Tuesday 4 July: Paper Route – Balconies

Paper Route just released a video clip to their song Balconies, from the Real Emotion (2016) album. Next to the visual there’s a remix made by Jorgen Odegard.

[spotify spotify:album:5eb5ookkvn8vurToVtPjRo ]

Wednesday 5 July: Jeremy Camp – Word of Life

Super smooth pop tune by Christian music veteran Jeremy Camp.

[spotify spotify:track:4YrvlBear0WqBd71zooj97 ]

Thursday 6 July: Blank & Jones featuring Zoe Dee – Pure Shores

This #throwbackthursday is for Pure Shores. I sought for the song title lately, when I listened to a song that sounded a bit too familiar to be a 100% original. Blank & Jones, popular for ambient tracks, recently covered Pure Shores, a All Saints 2000 hit. To refresh your memory the original video clip to compare the versions.

[spotify spotify:track:6HhOc9MsgAje0IMZMEkRYF ]

Friday 7 July: Marc Scibilia – Jericho (Recycle Jordan remix)

A dreamy dance mix of Jericho by Marc Scibilia, pitched in exactly my walking pace.
[spotify spotify:track:3abgOAxUlqssnf9tEIM5X2 ]

Saturday 8 July: Chvrches, Gryffin – Clearest Blue (Gryffin remix)

Last week I discovered this remix, and fell in love with the wonderful rhythm to walk to. Chvrches turned into a Pace maker 🙂
[spotify spotify:track:5JNOYtRd2E9QiwosqMCBmZ ]

Sunday 9 July: Hedley – Love Again

I love the bass loop in this infectuous pop tune by the Canadian band Hedley.
[spotify spotify:track:5487tooClKzCnexhyXE6aB ]

Monday 10 July: Levv – Collateral Damage (Tritonal remix)

Deep house to blow away your Monday morning blues. Levv does it. Who? Levv = Audrey Assad and Seth Jones. Next to the remix the video clip to the single version.

[spotify spotify:track:6GX3nPAkKqVZDwuBSWrq39 ]