PMI Netherlands chapter 2017 Summit will focus on Reconstructing Project Management

The PMI Netherlands Chapter 2017 Summit on Tuesday 26 September in Spant! Bussum will focus on reconstructing project management. The rationale behind this statement is the conviction that the profession of project management needs to be relevant and agile to accommodate for disruption effective in the organizations it is applied. Change is a given, and often the reason to conduct projects. Disruption as norm possibly implied more unknowns and risks than most project managers have an appetite in.

John Smith at PMI Netherlands Summit 2016Multi-disciplinary collaboration between T- or even π-shaped professionals is key to ensure lasting business and transformation results. Gone is the time of I-shaped professionals, in-depth experts on a single topic. In current teams, whether these are called Scrum development teams, BusDevOps squads or blocks, much of the execution takes place. What’s left for you and me, formerly known as a project manager?

We need to go back to square one to redefine who we are as project manager, and the work we do. What does the world around you essentially need from us? What are core ways of working, next practices, that will actually make the difference between attempts and successes?

The audience will be challenged to participate and contribute, speakers are facilitators and will encourage engagement. PMI Netherlands Chapter limits the use of traditional means of slides. No more death by PowerPoint! Rather they would like speakers to encourage dialogue and capture the essence of project management looked at from different viewpoints. While interacting we will reconstruct project management in a joint effort. The objective is to conclude this conference with a debated if possible shared view on “project management 0.5 – a reconstruction of project management”.

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