Memorable songs of 1-10 June

As follow-up to 2016’s HotSpotify 366 challenge, for which I added one special song each day to a Spotify playlist, I created Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2017 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 10 days.

Thursday 1 June: Kita Alexander – Hotel

Travelling to Brussels again tonight. Another hotel to test. Kita Alexander‘s song Hotel seems appropriate.

[spotify spotify:track:1z4OnhqV4ad4FEcAwV21Fy ]

Friday 2 June: The Slim Kings – Fast Train to the Slow Lane

The Thalys, a Train a Grande Vitesse (High Speed Train) is often slower than a regular intercity train. Today I’ll skip the Thalys, and take the Intercity Direct to return from Brussels to Amsterdam. It didn’t have a positive effect. The Intercity Direct was hitting delays in Belgium, causing 30 minutes additional travel time in the Netherlands.
[spotify spotify:track:06dc9itkJ84ZOXs8ufR9BJ ]

Saturday 3 June: Foo Fighters – Walk

Foo Fighters Wasting Light (2011) closing track, Walk covers pretty well what I’m doing today.
[spotify spotify:track:76Je5Wklky23mVoxiRszcN ]

Sunday 4 June: Christafari – Holy Spirit

It’s Pentecost. As Christians we celebrate the birth of the Church. God’s Holy Spirit was poured out on His followers to guide the Way, point to the Father, help and comfort us, representing God in our midst. Christafari sings about the Holy Spirit.
[spotify spotify:track:4NeeZwbx5uR5Pbp5FWLUUg ]

Monday 5 June: Delirious? – Rain Down

Another Pentecostal classic, Delirious? is playing Rain Down today.
[spotify spotify:track:5SXAdaEmZmYURdbldhuQ9j ]

Tuesday 6 June: Young the Giant – Teachers

I’m off to Hoofddorp near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to teach a bunch of project managers the PRINCE2 project management framework. Young the Giant sings about teachers.
[spotify spotify:track:79Pf5iG9jL3dE8d6cvcabn ]

Wednesday 7 June: Sophie Francis – Lovedrunk

Summertime sounds, lovedrunk by the young Dutch singer Sophie Francis.
[spotify spotify:track:3R75oTtpuL5R2ApdtNjz1k ]

Thursday 8 June: The Choir – Happy Fool

#Throwbackthursday is Happy Fool by The Choir from their 1989 album Wide-Eyed Wonder. This album is played live in the band’s 2017 tour across the U.S. Hopefully the boys & bass player Robin Spurs find a slot to play in the Netherlands as well this year.
[spotify spotify:track:6uyMwWwTJ4rY3Rvlkwfnvi ]

Friday 9 June: Nothing But Thieves – Amsterdam

Today I’m accompanying a full-day excursion to Amsterdam with my daughter’s school class. We visited the Rijksmuseum, the Royal Palace at the Dam Square, my daughter off to a shopping round in the Kalverstraat, while I explore the Photography Museum FOAM and the start of FOAM Fusion Festival.
[spotify spotify:track:3meXdlcyYTgukuOfX6VyhJ ]

Saturday 10 June: Kygo & John Legend – Happy Birthday

Turning 47 today.
[spotify spotify:track:5SAckbSHhNJ41b3bn5XwPL ]