Memorable songs of 21-30 June

As follow-up to 2016’s HotSpotify 366 challenge, for which I added one special song each day to a Spotify playlist, I created Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2017 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 10 days.

Wednesday 21 June: Leon Else – What I Won’t Do

Strong danceable synth pop track by Leon Else. I had a long and concentrated day packed with work. This track is to say goodbye and we’ll meet again tomorrow.
[spotify spotify:track:4kGsk9I4BHnFZaQY8ntl6L ]

Thursday 22 June: Bronski Beat & Lorie Madison – Smalltown Boy – Classic Mix

This is a perfect example of #throwbackthursday. As a teenager, I was the proud owner of a Toshiba HX-10 MSX computer. Its 3-channel sound card could be programmed, and guess what was one of the first tracks I was able to play on this computer? Bronski Beat‘s Smalltown Boy. And here’s the original 1984 video clip too.

[spotify spotify:track:1OiJRtKpJtQ30VrVak6naK ]

Friday 23 June: The Wild Wild – The Astronaut

Did you ever dream becoming an astronaut? At least I did and chose a different career.

[spotify spotify:track:1rqGz7zTb2eDs8Jszw5EzX ]

Saturday 24 June: Imagine Dragons – Walking The Wire

Another walking song. Today I’m on my 17th Kennedy March, 50 miles at the Liemers Posbank Loop.
[spotify spotify:track:4uknDPcOswIU8MnJhfPRNX ]

Sunday 25 June: Tenth Avenue North – I Have This Hope (Ailo remix)

The Sunday as first day of a new week, full of hope. Tenth Avenue North just released this remix of I Have This Hope.

[spotify spotify:track:4Dwlg07SNYEbE963ujOrUA ]

Monday 26 June: Kevin Wolter – Amsterdamse Medley

Back to Amsterdam for another work week’s start. Here’s a medley of typical Amsterdam folk songs. Guilty pleasures.
[spotify spotify:track:6z11S9z4uYjoEDLofHwNGg ]

Tuesday 27 June: Ani DiFranco – Binary

A Beat Peculiar would Adam Again say in 1988. Binary, the opening and title track of the brand new Ani DiFranco album is out.

[spotify spotify:track:1PHQlpPHY8CPALNSlM7wFG ]

Wednesday 28 June: Mono Inc. & VNV Nation – Boatman

Taken from the new Mono Inc. Together Till The End album here’s the collaboration with Ronan Harris, front man of VNV Nation. Synth rock till the end 😉

[spotify spotify:track:2jpCal6XnTIzK4wI8cNEeU ]

Thursday 29 June: London Grammar – Dreams

l was hinted by Youtube at the Fleetwood Mac song Dreams covered by London Grammar. Unfortunately this version is not available on Spotify. As #throwbackthursday the original in a remastered 2004 edition.
[spotify spotify:track:0ofHAoxe9vBkTCp2UQIavz ]

Friday 30 June: David Thulin & Charmaine – Sun Is Rising (Jay Hubbard Remix)

Q2 is over, Summer’s here to stay, so dance the night away!

[spotify spotify:track:7yCPeiRGE6xhuBsJb07DiE ]