Ralph van Roosmalen – Doing It – Management 3.0 Experiences

Jurgen Appelo, who coined Management 3.0 and penned a book with the same title, invited me to read and review  a book by Ralph van Roosmalen. Despite having written How to Change the World and the Management 3.0 Workout: Games, Tools & Practices to Engage People, Improve Work, and Delight Clients, in 2016 reworked into Managing for Happiness, the answer how teams and organizations actually used the wealth of resources for these new forms of management, was not known to Appelo. Van Roosmalen changed that by compiling previous blog posts on agilestrides.com into Doing It – Management 3.0 Experiences. First-hand experiences with the six focus areas: energizing people, empowering teams, aligning constraints, developing competence, growing structure, and improving everything.

The author doesn’t offer best practices neither prescribes a 12-steps to success program. Just as you cannot copy the Spotify model into your own organization without tailoring – Ben Linders adviced the same on a 2016 InfoQ blog – practices shared are tweaked versions of Appelo’s ones, like the Improvement Dialogue cards, mandatory or optional Guild Sessions or Exploration Days. Yes, most of the companies described in Doing It! work agile and have to redefine management. Hints to courses like Introduction to Presentation Design on PluralSight and pictures from companies Ralph worked at, are provided. Working with dispersed teams requires smart choices when it comes to team building, giving feedback or grant gift cards to compliments. Keep experimenting is the key message. Just do it!

The book is available for free as a download. Just go here and download the book.