Nigel M. de S. Cameron – Will Robots Take Your Job?

Warnings that the profession you’re learning to become or keep will extinct within years or you being replaced by machines are not new. It should not surprise that politicians don’t talk about it much either. They rather talk about spending money on targets voters like than telling them the truth of chances getting structurally unemployed.

In Will Robots Take Your Job, think tank panelist, TEDx speaker, and CEO Nigel M. de S. Cameron let 20th Century economists John M. Keynes and Norbert Wiener speak again. Although studies differ on the exact unemployment percentage, these should be alarming. The productivity paradox is somewhat busted with examples like Uber, Instagram, and Snapchat giving a job to just a few.

This short book triggers your thinking about your own job future. Can it be replaced by a machine? Technology progresses. Complex processes that we always thought of being unique to humans to perform are now done by computers. With the rise of Internet of Things and Moore’s Law still valid, the future is both bright and promising, and dangerous and challenging.

About the author

Nigel M. de S. Cameron is President and CEO of the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, and a regular advisor to government departments, unions and companies on the future of work in the age of robotics and automation.

I received a free review copy from the publisher Polity Books via Netgalley in exchange for my personal, unbiased opinion upon reading., or email