Memorable songs of 21-31 May

As follow-up to 2016’s HotSpotify 366 challenge, for which I added one special song each day to a Spotify playlist, I created Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2017 in Spotify. A memorable song each day. A retrospective on the past 11 days.

Sunday, 21 May: Hillsong United – Wonder

The upcoming Wonder album by Hillsong United (release date in June 2017) is featured today.

[spotify spotify:track:6KMiUr9jjaa5dQ4p5oc9Oo ]

Monday, 22 May: JP Cooper – Passport Home

Today I’m getting a new passport, valid for the next 10 years. A suitable song is UK-based singer/songwriter JP Cooper‘s Passport Home.
[spotify spotify:track:4sasqE4lDhBhm4ER7EsQaf ]

Tuesday, 23 May: Marmelade – Tired of Work

A long working day. It made me tired of work.
[spotify spotify:track:4IXxo4vbCKJOOkdCESFLqY ]

Wednesday, 24 May: Luke Sital-Singh – Oh My God

Time Is a Riddle is the title of Luke Sital-Singh‘s latest. Next week, on May 31, he’s playing in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Sold out by the way.
[spotify spotify:track:5gHpNdfV8QuFHwUwKXX6jY ]

Thursday, 25 May; Johann Sebastian Bach – Himmelfahrtsoratorium, BWV11

It’s Ascension Day. We remember Jesus Christ being taken up in the heavenly realms, while we’re awaiting to appear one day, just as he left. You can read the whole story in the first chapter of Acts.
[spotify spotify:track:3E0aze8r5SoxJL2S1yug1T ]

Friday, 26 May: Nora En Pure – Economy

As Economics graduates we’re on our yearly break with families. This time we stay in Winterswijk. I found a musical match in Nora En Pure, South-African / Swiss DJ that in real life is called Daniela Niederer.
[spotify spotify:track:3o4qcIgXwqQc3xpSQfLIlv ]

Saturday, 27 May: Avril Lavinge – Fly

Avril Lavinge is back with a motivational track (“We’re all meant to fly”) from her upcoming 6th studio album.
[spotify spotify:track:2maj5UMhZJKlr3Ane5Qeak ]

Sunday, 28 May: Rend Collective – Praise Like Fireworks

Rend Collective just released Build Your Kingdom Here (A Rend Collective Mix Tape). The rocking opening track is Praise Like Fireworks.
[spotify spotify:track:3wneWxTmHqBXTbbO7E3lo7 ]

Monday, 29 May: Armin van Buuren – In and Out of Love

When Armin van Buuren was rehearsing his set in the Amsterdam Arena stadium, we could ‘enjoy’ the EDM in the ING office at the other side of the railway track in Amsterdam Zuidoost. It was a unique twofold set, amazing 80,000 fans in total.
[spotify spotify:track:5bQP0IhTAUGz7MmK6yXTy2 ]

Tuesday, 30 May: Abigail Duhon – Into The Light

A lightweight pop song to guide you through the day. A self-titled EP by Abigail Duhon was released last Friday.
[spotify spotify:track:5rB3ICD6GytmGR20ii9b8i ]

Wednesday, 31 May: Halsey & Lauren Jauregui – Strangers

Fabulous pop track. Smooth song by Halsey & Lauren Jauregui celebrating same-sex love,

[spotify spotify:track:4C5ewaZ05vyXM23jFJdwd4 ]