David Gregory – Sebastian Needs A Real Job

sebastian-needs-a-real-jobLazy and overweight. 30+ and still inexperienced, living with their parents. Your average impression of a Millennials will get a power boost by reading¬†David Gregory’s Sebastian Needs A Real Job. Sebastian Boyne, 32 and despite a master’s degree still a waiter and to-go servant at Kangaroo Burgers, until he’s fired. He’s the perfect anti hero who struggles his way to get a real job, but differently than you and I would expect.

Living with his father Eldon, enforced to sleep under a table, and not acting on any signal to grow up. Broke, without a real relationship, and only one friend Andy, Sebastian’s bluffs his way through various employers, selling strategies, and job applications. Since real Millennials, often 5-10 years younger, did find a place to work and earn money, Sebastian is the typical dropout. Satire lovers will have a good time reading Gregory’s fiction. Raw, explicit, and with lots of slang both Corporate America, mega churches preaching prosperity, as well as superficial friendships are targeted. It took the author 2 years to write, but it must have been fun time too ūüôā

About the author

David Gregory here, and I’m a book worm who loves humor fiction. When I’m not pretending to know something about politics, I’m wrestling with my next novel, and begging literary magazines to take me seriously.

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The author offered me a free review copy in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.