Tye Gnass – World’s Best 10 Keys To Success: More Than Just A Self Help Book

10 keys to successTye Gnass, together with  James Shendal, and Steven David, compiled this in-depth exploration of 10 keys to success. Although this sounds like just another self-help book with a recipe for instant success, World’s Best 10 Keys To Success: More Than Just A Self-Help Book, is different. It’s not about money, live your dream or positive psychology. The keys which they authors identified are family, friends, income, travel, relationships, self, happiness, giving, nourishment, and exercise. These are all things you can work at. The keys are simple enough to understand. The book shows that since we’re all individuals there’s no normal or standard formula for each of these factors. Yes, there are success stories, as well as failures and impediments.

In the end, you are the persons to decide what gets done. You are the one who has control over your life. Whether it’s about finally visiting the gym, start giving away money or time, re-think your nutrition choices or cherish the relationships and communities you belong to. The keys to success are universal, although the authors focus their advice on the North American culture. From a European perspective some hints and tips may sound overdone but from tv series we know it’s worth pointing at the adversary side of fast food, not exercising and self-centered behavior. The book’s full of examples, quotes and references to other books and online resources to get you started. Success still is a mean, not an end. As Albert Einstein said: ‘Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.’ A free workbook is included. Online answers to all questions can be found at 10keystosuccess.com.