Memorable songs of 1-10 April 2017

As follow-up to 2016’s HotSpotify 366 challenge, for which I added one special song each day to a Spotify playlist, I created Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2017 in Spotify. A memorable song each day.

Saturday 1 April: Jennifer Paige – Forget Me Not

No April’s Fool song today, but a new single from the American singer-songwriter Jennifer Paige’s Starflower album, that was released yesterday.

[spotify spotify:track:53FSWNFCb8X630uDF2Hfk0 ]

Sunday 2 April: Arlissa – Multiply

German singer Arlissa provides Multiply to today’s challenge, the Kennedy March personal record hunt in Hengelo. Walking 13 rounds to reach the 50 miles faster than before. Will I succeed?

[spotify spotify:track:1fKWK5zlbYZ282zjA8HY7S ]

Monday 3 April: Glades – Dangerous

Brooke Fraser like vocals characterizes the Australian singer Glades. Today’s song is Dangerous.

[spotify spotify:track:5tPVk414MNG1cNfGjJs1Jr ]

Tuesday 4 April: Mister & Mississippi – Wolfpack

Mister & Mississippi are back. From their upcoming album I feature Wolfpack.

[spotify spotify:track:1CBfKHRmtoumSwybn5Y8Ta ]

Wednesday 5 April: Mating Ritual, Lizzy – Night Lies

This one has been waiting for a while. Today’s the day for Night Lies.

[spotify spotify:track:6qWGd9SuEO8jaODIiJh4rK ]

Thursday 6 April: Dash Berlin & Do – Heaven

A #throwbackthursday trip down memory lane to 2002. The Spanish DJ Sammy & Dutch singer Do‘s Heaven.

The song now is revisited by Dutch DJ Dash Berlin and Do on the We Are (Part 2) album, that was released on 24 March.

[spotify spotify:track:6RAYtWl575PL3rMq3vYYUC ]

Friday 7 April: Honest Men – Colors

I discovered Honest Men in Bert Admiraal’s Nieuw 2017 playlist. Colors is a fine pop rock track describing the various aspects of love.

[spotify spotify:track:37WYmPF8dO21Y7GQjeHk0J ]

Saturday 8 April: Jessie Early – Holy Ghost

Jessie Early is followed by the Holy Ghost. If you love Katie Herzig’s pop, then you’ll follow Early too.

[spotify spotify:track:1GFHnGbDYD5zb9X6s1qe4M ]

Sunday 9 April: Fluir – Only One

Smooth synth pop to walk on today. Fluir’s new single Only One is for you to enjoy.

[spotify spotify:track:6GLENuIja1wJ7itRMyJP5C ]

Monday 10 April: Day Wave – Promises

An up-tempo start this working day. Forget blue Mondays with Day Wave. If you’re enthusiastic abound their music: 19 May Day Wave will play in Amsterdam.

[spotify spotify:track:1jW2fNGo40ICG71wjDpT3a ]