Memorable songs of 11-20 March

In 2016 I beat the HotSpotify 366 challenge, for which I added one special song each day to a Spotify playlist, I had too much to leave it there. As follow-up I created Henk-Jan’s soundtrack to 2017 in Spotify. A memorable song each day.

Saturday, 11 March: Betty Who – You Can Cry Tomorrow

If you try to mitigate all risks, you miss the adventure of life. You can cry tomorrow, if you need to. A lovely song to walk to by Betty Who, suggested by EQMusic blog. Last year I featured this vocalist because of her cover of Donna Lewis‘s I Love You Always Forever.

Sunday, 12 March: ionnalee – Samaritan

Last Friday iamamiwhoami singer Jonna Lee debuted with Samaritan. The videoclip that comes along is a 8 minute concept movie.

Monday, 13 March: Acceptance – When I Was Cursed

Former Anberlin‘s singer Christian has also a new band: the one he left before joining Anberlin. Welcome back Acceptance. Here’s a rather danceable track from the rock album Colliding By Design.

Tuesday, 14 March: Miriam Tamar – Who We

Miriam Tamar mixes musical styles as easy as I am doing while listening.

Wednesday, 15 March: Mitch Malloy featuring Van Halen – It’s The Right Time

Glamrock isn’t dead at all. Van Halen is back on this brand new single, a collaboration with Mitch Malloy.

Thursday, 16 March: Bowling for Soup – Belgium

Today, I’m traveling south again for a whole day in Brussels, Belgium. Bowling for Soup sings about a bed made for two. Well, actually that one is in Balkbrug, at the very end of the day. There’s no place like home.

Friday 17 March: Over The Rhine – If I’m Drowning

I don’t have any expectation getting to hear this legendary alt pop song tonight. Over The Rhine‘s If I’m Drowning, to which images and memories are attached of a soaking wet audience in front of Flevofestival‘s main stage in 1992. Tonight Over The Rhine plays a gig in café De Amer in Amen. Meet me at the edge of the world in a small village in Drenthe.

Saturday, 18 March: Fatboy Slim – Where U Iz

Last week I picked up this new track by Fatboy Slim. Such a great funk track to synchronize your walking pace to 😉

Sunday, 19 March: Grimes – Realti

Sticky melody in this smooth synth pop track by Grimes, the artistic outlet of Claire Elise Boucher, a Canadian singer / songwriter / producer.

Monday, 20 March: Savoir Adore featuring Paperwhite – Too Late

A fine synth pop track to kick off this work week by Savoir Adore featuring Paperwhite. Too Late to let you go.