Corine Toren – Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety

i have anxietyCorine Toren, her name suggests fellow Dutch roots by the way, although her book reveals Jewish ancestry, recently had her first nonfiction book published. The special point of view, that of an anxious teenager, struggling and looking up to her parents, is the crux of Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety. It is a 1 hour read through this non-professional self-help booklet. Corine shares her personal anxieties triggered by e.g. smoking weed, feeling uncomfortable and lacking a purpose. Now, as a young adult she’s learned her lessons, so stresses the importance of a good relationship between parents and their children. A genuine interest, understanding of the mix of genetics and social influences that make or break a child, and the protection you can provide to your child.

Toren emphasizes the importance of a purpose in life, motivation, and purpose. Sports, hobbies, distraction, and friendships all contribute to a more balanced place in this world. Despite all good intentions, it may be needed to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist, or even get medication.  Her first person and the personal recount is an honest attempt to free herself and others from anxieties and strive for adolescence with its own challenges, but without depressing thoughts.

About the author

Corine Toren is a new author! She is extremely passionate about writing and has been pursuing a writing career since she was very young. Corine hopes to write more books, screenplays for film and television, and maybe even a musical one day!

The author provided me a free review copy in exchange for my unbiased, personal review upon reading.