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rapid teamworkRapid Teamwork is a parable version of Sean Glaze’s 15 years of leadership development experience. In coaching and mentoring of leaders, the eyes and mouth of a stranger, e.g. consultant, sports trainer, or senior, are helpful to get a leader or team of leaders moving again towards performing. The management team in this booklet is disconnected, focused on results rather than people, and cannot decide what needs to be changed. The new CEO brings them to a friend, former team manager and now rafting instructor to coach the team at an off-site location. Practical, real-life examples to understand what it takes to transform this group into a great team. Glaze uses the GREAT acronym to address topics like accountability, expectations, celebration, and adjustments to stay on track.

Rapid Teamwork offers leaders ingredients in an easy to read and relatable format. It could be your next management training session, right?

About the author

Sean Glaze inspires people to have fun laughing together so they can have more success working together.   His two books, The Unexpected Leader and Rapid Teamwork are powerful parables for building and leading great teams!
As a successful basketball coach and educator for over 20 years, Sean gained valuable insights into how to develop winning teams, and founded Great Results Team Building to share those lessons…
Today, he travels around the country delivering interactive team building events and entertaining conference keynotes that transform employees into winning teammates!

I received a free review copy from Andra Maguran (Domina Books) in exchange for an unbiased, honest and personal review.