Freeman Scott – The Secret To Sleep

secret to sleepIn this short first book titled The Secret To Sleep, author Freeman Scott shares his first-hand experience and findings from scientific research on sleep disorders. Before and after smartphones, tablets, and other devices entered our bedrooms, the percentage of Americans having insomnia is high. Are there better approaches than the pharmaceutical one?

Scott shows how light therapy, simply exposing you to daylight early in the morning, seeing the sky through the window throughout a working day, and dimmed light nearing bed time can do the trick. Our bodily function to keep us in a 24-hours cycle of sleep and awake, the so-called circadian rhythm can be adjusted, once you understand how our brain receives and treats signals to synchronize our bodily clock with the outside world.

The author shares also various other measures like healthier food, exercises, and medical advice. Answers to your questions on sleep disorders can be that simple. A secret to be revealed to many more people.

The author provided me a free review copy in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.