Evan Tarver – Life in Twenty-Something: A Story of Self-Discovery

life in 20 somethingEvan Tarver’s Life in Twenty-Something highlights the life of the Silicon Valley millennial David LeBlanc.  Being bullied by his former boss, he and a business partner have their own start-up company and fails. The two go bankrupt and have to discover their next steps, sued by their former employer. David is after the sex, drugs, and girls. He lives in various places in San Francisco and Los Angeles, but as loose as his relationships with women are, responsible, well-thought choices without window dressing take a long time to develop.

David’s lessons learned form the basis for a new passion: becoming an author and sharing his ideas with other millennials. A happy end would be too soon. In a final roller-coaster of events, a new law case against David takes your attention. Will he be found guilty? Will any of his friends and family show support? Will his lawyer’s preparation turn out to be effective?

The book contains all the common places of Silicon Valey, LA, and SF. High-end clubs, posh girls, one-night stands, lots of drinks, lost memories, programmers, actors, Apple MacBooks and Starbucks coffee shops. A hilarious search for true passion and a purpose for the life beyond twenties.

About the author

Evan Tarver is an author and business owner with experience in the technology sector. With an extensive background in corporate finance and business evaluation, and as a passionate contributor to technology startups, he’s a self-proclaimed “business nerd.”

Evan’s also a spirited writer who contributes nonfiction business articles to various online publications and pens full-length novels found on Amazon and other leading retailers. Each piece of writing, whether it be a one-page finance article or a 300-page fiction story, is meant to provide readers with lasting enjoyments and actionable takeaways that (hopefully) better their lives and encourage them to act.

Because ultimately, the key to true happiness is self-improvement through positive experiences, and all of Evan’s works seek to accelerate that self-improvement and spread those positive experiences. Some of his ideas explore the social environment on the macro level, some of his ideas explore the transformative power of personal growth on the micro level – while most of them probably fall somewhere in between. But everything is written to inspire people to shift the way they think; it may not be a big shift, but it will always be a positive one.