Suzana E. Flores – Facehooked: How Facebook Affects Our Emotions, Relationships, and Lives

facehookedOver the past three years Dr. Suzana E. Flores has studied the Facebook phenomenon extensively, interviewing people from across the globe on their experiences with social media addiction, and how social media has affected their sense of self, social interactions, sense of privacy, need for validation, relationships, along with their emotional responses to stress encountered online, cyber-bullying, and emotional manipulators. In Facehooked: How Facebook Affects Our Emotions, Relationships, and Lives the author confirms that Facebook is a significant part of our lives, and as the No. 1 leading social media website, it is likely to be a long-term player in our lives and the lives of our children and families.

Through Facebook and other social media, we have opened ourselves to a larger community and, thus, critics. Facebook’s features like posting updates, photos, checking in at locations and showing off who we want to be perceived as makes it easy to get pulled into a cycle of self-editing and validation seeking. That may undermine our self-identity and create problems of self-worth. How many ‘friends’, ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ do you gather? How compulsive is your check the news update feed behavior? Facebook has become not only a field to study as sociologists, but also a cause for addicts turn into a psychiatrist for serious treatment.

Like a drug controlling the drug addict, we love Facebook and we hate it. Not only is Facebook changing our choices, but it’s also changing our brains. Three factors – Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), checking-in, and sharing photos – appear to be the main culprits that get us hooked on Facebook, but the instant accessibility of the mobile device has further enabled our addiction. Flores elaborates on the dysfunctional types of behaviour on Facebook, the effects of cyber-bullying and the way relationships, our understanding of friendships change over time. Facehooked is a wake-up call for every (latent) addict out there with practical hints and advice to clean up your life and reset priorities.

About the author

As a national social-media expert and commentator, Dr. Flores has appeared on national and international newscasts, podcasts, radio and talk shows including Al Jazeera – The Stream, WCIU Channel – “The U,” National Public Radio (NPR), “Just Jenny” Sirius XM Channel, WGN Radio Chicago, Univision Television News, Mundo FOX, The ManCow Show, Charlotte News WSOC-TV, WLTH 1370AM Radio, “LIVE! with The Love Dr.” Deanna Lorraine, The Ron Kelly Show, Sound Off with E.V.E, and radio broadcasts out of Cologne, Germany, U.K. and Canada.

Dr. Flores has been quoted in,, The Huffington Post,, Everyday Health Magazine,, Dame Magazine, The Nation Magazine,, Vegas Seven Magazine, New Parent Magazine, Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine, La Raza Newspaper,,, Mujeres Sin Censura, and

In her hometown of Chicago, Dr. Flores has earned a Masters in Counseling from Loyola University and a Doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Argosy University.

I received a free review copy from the publisher Reputation Books through Netgalley in exchange for my personal, unbiased review upon reading.