Michael Drake – Succeed Big Professionally

michael drake succeed big professionallyEvery book title sets expectations. Succeed Big Professionally by Michael Drake, however, is no formula for instant success or an inventory of best performing businesses worldwide. The author provides a kind of summary of his own professional experience, many books on management, HR, corporate culture, and career development.

You can select which part or even chapter you want to read. Drake explicitly offers distinct chunks of knowledge. Part one covers the perspective of the professional dreaming about next career steps. How to find the organization you really want to work for? How to craft your resume? How to apply for a job? How to accommodate in the culture and habitat of your new job?

Part two is written for aspiring or new managers. What are the differences between contributors and managers? What to expect from your new position? How to lead others? The author explains the mechanisms of delegating, hiring internal and external professionals, the HR cycle, firing people, vision casting as well as building a fruitful corporate culture. Imperfect humans at work, so there’s plenty of attention to failures, reflection, monitoring performance and the impact of career movements on both the professional, manager and team. Part 3 is an extended bio of Michael Drake’s own story. Again, not a typical instant success, but an honest description of what went well and what didn’t. Readable, relatable, applicable, and shareable inspiration!

About the author

Michael Drake holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer at Acadia Healthcare, a publicly-traded company with 22,000 employees in the behavioral health sector. There he manages a large team overseeing digital and traditional media advertising, business development, and other front-end operations.

Prior to Acadia, Michael has founded or been a part of numerous start-ups, raised investment capital, and worked in consulting, giving him a wide and deep perspective in operating companies.

He lives near Nashville, where he enjoys mud runs, used bookstores, and meeting interesting people.

I received a free review copy from the author in exchange for a personal, unbiased review after reading. More information about the book and Michael Drake can be found at http://succeedbig.com/