Geoff Blades – Do What You Want on Wall Street

do what you want on wall streetThere are many reasons why you will never leave your job. Nevertheless, many are dreaming of career change, a salary raise, or really telling the boss that…. Wrapped into his own Wall Street experience, former investment banker, now consultant Geoff Blades, shares the lessons he learned and practices from many self-help and management books, and job positions. Fortunately for non-Wall Street talents, Do What You Want on Wall Street, teaches you a framework (The System) to do what you want. As a child, you were never taught to do what you want. Rather, you were taught to do what you parents and teachers wanted. The System consists of 5 main steps: define it; getting it; plan it; execute it; and getting skills. Getting skills is the practical part, although all steps are broken down into smaller steps or supported by other multi-step models, packed with exercises. Blades spent thousands of hours to plan his career development and delving books to find a structure like The System.

The author warns his audience that really doing what you want not only takes deliberate choices, discipline and perseverance. The approach may come across as radical or extreme. To stand out amidst the competence, and climb the steep slope of the organizational pyramid – here’s where Wall Street is illustrative – boldness and communication are key. Your career is 100 percent you responsibility. Blades drew from well-known sources like Stephen R. Covey, Robert Kaplan, Timothy Ferriss, Daniel Kahneman, among others.

You may be familiar with What Color Is Your Parachute? 2015 by Richard N. BollesDo What You Want on Wall Street adds a framework, and many relatable stories, external resources and exercises for your inconvenience, but possible next step.


About the author

Geoff Blades is a former investment banker at Goldman Sachs and investor at the Carlyle Group, Geoff Blades is an advisor to senior Wall Street executives and other leaders. With more than fifteen years of experience on Wall Street and in researching personal development, and having trained with true masters of personal change, Geoff combines his Wall Street and personal development expertise to help his clients get what they want in their businesses, careers, and lives.