Susan Elizabeth Girard – In the Light of the Full Cold Moon

in the light of cold full moonVisualizations, meditation, and dream wanderings take Savannah on a spiritual journey with her guide Ratiffa, ‘a Wise Old Sage’ who lives in in the Temperate Rainforest. Savannah is presented all kinds of religions and spiritual movements, combined with inspiration to enhance sustainability, save the planet and find happiness. Welcome In the Light of the Full Cold Moon by Susan Elizabeth Girard.

If you thought new age is so 1990, or ‘postmodernism’ is not that modern anymore, find everything on universalism, environmentalism, activism, religious co-existence, a mix your own religion approach in this book. From Buddhism and Confucianism to Christianity and Islam, Hinduism and Judaism, paganism and whatever ‘-ism’ is out there, in the Temperate Rain forest, where the elements collaborate to create magical woods and a happily ever after campfire setting for all participants, Savannah is looking for enlightenment. In every chapter a new guide, prophet or manifestation of a religious leader or godhead explains to Savannah why he or she upholds a piece of the truth, without exclusive rights, guarding absolute truths, norms. “Religions are speaking the same truth”, according to the book. If you’re a Christian, Muslim, confessing Jew, Hindustan or Buddhist, you may find yourself estranged from the claims in this book, knowing more quotes and context of your holy scriptures than are used in this fictional setting.  And yet, Savannah proves to be as human as we all are. Even after accepting all the spiritual teachings, including the noble truths from Buddhism, she doesn’t accept sickness and physical shortcomings. What is enlightenment? When is the quest over?


About the author

Rev. Sue Elizabeth Girard is a New Thought Metaphysician, Interfaith Minister, Priestess, and Empath who grew up and lives in the Pacific Northwest in Coast Salish Territory with the Squamish Nation and the Shishalh First Nations. She is a Lightworker, a Peacekeeper, an Environmentalist, a Humanitarian, and a Spiritual Intuitive. She lives the philosophy of peace, love, joy and harmony with nature in her daily life.

Sue surrounds herself with family and friends and routinely practices her Spiritual walk within her Community, sharing her magical, mystical energy with whomever she meets.

She and her little rescue dog ‘Becca Marie’ go for their regular walks in the Temperate Rainforest and cherish their life in the Pacific Northwest. More on the book can be found at