CamRangers filters tested

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Box Digital Filter Kit CamRangersI was given the CamRangers Digital Filter Kit in exchange for a personal, unbiased review. The kit comes in a solid box. Upon unboxing a set of Full ND2 ND4 ND8 ND16 Filters + Graduated ND2 ND4 ND8 ND16 Filters (8 in total) + 9 Filter Adaptors (49-82mm) + 1 Adaptor Holder + Carrying Case + Lens Cleaning Cloth is yours. All of the filters were clean and free of scratches or defects. Each filter is packed in a plastic wrapping. The carrying case has room for all 8 + a couple of more. To be ready to shoot your filtered pictures, unwrap all lenses before you go outside.

Content Digital Filter Kit CamRangersI played with the lenses, using the 49mm filter adapter on my Sony Alpha 380 DSLR camera. I shot the same hortensia ‘Annabelle’ flowers from the same distance using the various filters at 6PM on a sunny summer evening. Apart from the blueish effect one of the filters, the graduated ones are a great addition to experiment with prior to digitally post-processing on a computer.

To see the various effects of the filters in this kit, watch the photos I made of the┬áhortensia ‘Annabelle’ flowers in the Flickr album.

On that same summer day another two packages from CamRangers were delivered. These contained a Grandeur UV filter 49mm ring and a Halcyon CPL filter of the same size. In the Flickr album you can see the effects with and without these filters in shots of an apple tree and another hortensia in our garden. The box contains a plastic box and perfectly fitting place to store the ring.

Hortensia with CamRangers UV Grandeur filter 1I could compare the Grandeur UV filter with the Hama UV 390 filter I have been using for years. The Rangers Pro version is thinner and lighter. See the album for the effects. The filters were clean and free from scratches or dirt.