R.I.Olufsen – Bogman

bogmanChief Inspector Tobias Lange is confronted with a body found in a Danish bog. Is it like Tollund Man? Evidence from the crime scene however demystifies the ancient finding. The mummified male appears to be murdered more recently. Piece by piece the approximate date is set and possible murderer(s) and other victim(s) sought. Although the storyline keeps focus on solving this case, the author brings in elements from left wring green activism groups, sex trafficking and the animosity between the Danish and Swedish people. Are friends or family involved? Was anyone searching revenge? Has the murder a political motive? Olufsen keeps the answer to these questions to the very last pages, true the genre.

About the author

Broadcaster and author Roisin McAuley has taken the suitably Scandinavian-sounding pen name RI Olufsen for her new thriller. McAuley grew up in Cookstown in County Tyrone. After studying history at Queen’s University Belfast she joined BBC Northern Ireland, becoming its first woman newsreader.

She went on to report for the Irish Times, Examiner and London Times before returning to BBC Northern Ireland as a reporter on Spotlight. The producer who hired her was Bernard Wiggins, who later left the station to become bestselling novelist Bernard Cornwell, author of the Sharpe books and Starbuck Chronicles.

McAuley moved to England in 1984 to work for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. In 2014 she returned to live in Belfast. She co-presents Radio Ulster’s Sunday Sequence show.