David Miller – Psychology: A Simple Guide to Workplace Psychology: Psychology Tips for the Employee

tips for workplace psychologyThe human psyche is complex. The number of scholars and authors learning and explaining its workings and effects on others in the fields of psychology and sociology is countless. The workplace is one of the challenging, embarrassing places to expose your strengths and weaknesses, your competent and incompetent behavior. David Miller presented me his new e-book Psychology: A Simple Guide to Workplace Psychology: Psychology Tips for the Employee, which basically grabs lessons from contemporary thinkers like Peter Warr (Psychology at work) and Steve Nguyen (Workplace psychology) and presents these in a dense pack of text addressing topics like self management, the drivers autonomy, mastery and purpose, job crafting, and demand control. Emotional intelligence, trust, safety, altruism, burnout (prevention), and belonging (organizational citizenship) are covered briefly. The last chapter is devoted to three groups of personality disorders: sociopathy and psychopathy, narcissism and histrionic personality, and borderline and bipolar personality. All of these are important and have far reaching effects, although a superficial treatment in a 1-hour e-book read cannot serve any other purpose than a call to action to pick up a full text book on a topic of choice.

I received a copy of this book in return for my unbiased opinion and review.