David Bukay – Islam and the Infidels: The Politics of Jihad, Dawah, and Hijrah

Islam is perhaps the most un-religious religion as defined and understood in the West. Above all, it is an encompassing political system in religious outfit, and being totalitarian, it means addressing every aspect of the life of its adherents. As a theological system Islam is contrary to Hellenic-Roman-Judaism thought and ideals. Islam means submission and devotion to Allah and his prophet alone. Welcome to concluding remarks of David Bukay in Islam and the Infidels: The Politics of Jihad, Dawah, and Hijrah. The author quotes numerous passages from the Qur’an and other Islamic scriptures, exegesis by leading Muslim clerics to unmask Islam as peaceful, beneficial alternative to other religions and political systems. Bukay especially warns the Free Western world in America and Europe not to become their own worst enemy by letting naivety rule.

The author shows the endless rules and commands in Islam not only to practice religion, but also to spread Islam and its divine authority in all religious, economic, and political affairs of life, up to the point where all people submit themselves to Allah, and only the realm of Islam remains. If you’re convinced that Judaism and Christianity are incomplete and their prophets and Messiah point to the last and final prophet Muhammad, i you declare many times a day that “there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”, it makes sense that you want to convert apostates and infidels. If dichotomies of Allah and Satan, Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb, Muslim and Kafir are absolutes, then the path to follow is clear and logical. Islam is a belief system that insists on its superiority over all other religions, cultures, and governmental systems. It should then not be surprising to see Muslims comply to their duty and right to propagate their faith, political views, culture, and practices throughout the world by any mean, including violence, warfare, temporary lifted commandments, and diplomacy of deceit. Believers must strive to do their best even at the expense of their own life, until Islam dominates the entire world.

The author proves the flaws of Western apologists who claim that Islam is not aggressive or dangerous, “terrorism” can be separated “Islamic”, and Sharia can be used next to Western legislation. Bukay urges his readers to understand Islam’s true nature by analyzing its scriptures and history, instead of believing what religious and political propaganda publishes in the media. Islam and the Infidels: The Politics of Jihad, Dawah, and Hijrah (311 pages) is no easy read and there’s certainly no happy end, but a call to action to re-think and review your position regarding Islam and Muslims.

About the author

David Bukay lectures at the School of Political Sciences at the University of Haifa. Among his fields of teaching and research are Arab-Islamic political culture, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and Islamic jihadism and international terrorism.

As a Christian reader I’m called not to condemn, but to love my neighbour, even my enemies, to testify of God’s love, and follow Jesus Christ, who sacrificed His life for my transgressions.

I got a free review copy from Transaction Publishers through Edelweiss to provide you my personal impressions upon reading.