Content Curation and Sharing with TweetDeck, Salesforce, Hootsuite, and LinkedIN Elevate

I’m part of the ExpertConnect network within Capgemini, a community of more than 1,400 colleagues with all kinds of expertise enthusiastic about knowledge sharing. Core to this group of thousands of colleagues is the will and capability to publish articles and serve as a sign board for Capgemini services and achievements, next to daily jobs in all kinds of paid engagements. Colleagues having the role of Social Media Partner help us with content curation and dissemination to the ExpertConnect members. Criteria such as timely and relevant content, aimed at the target audience of my followers and connections, plus an efficient way to schedule updates are key.


In 2014 attempts were done to use Salesforce for content curation and publication. Since there was no scheduling mechanism, I did not use it. Nowadays, however Salesforce partnered with Radian6 and provides Social Studio, built on Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


TweetDeck, owned and operated by Twitter, has been my favorite management tool to maintain my Twitter account and monitor Twitter lists and notifications. Its schedule mechanism is fine. Updates can be scheduled at a specific time. I use(d) TweetDeck from my Chrome broswer. Twitter shut down the Microsoft Windows desktop app as of April 15th, and doesn’t offer a mobile app. Yes, a French guy made an Unofficial TweetDeck app, but basically I don’t see any added value in a multi-column / tab application squeezed together on a mobile screen. I guess overview is the missing functionality in that app.


Hootsuite is available as web site, mobile app, has an AppDirectory pointing at 3rd party applications integrating with Hootsuite, all there for multi-network updates and management. So, instead of just serving Twitter like TweetDeck nowadays does, Hootsuite can connect to 35 popular social networks.

LinkedIN Elevate

linkedin elevate screenshotLinkedIn’s Elevate is a platform that helps enterprise companies empower their employees to become social professionals. LinkedIN has been beta testing since February 2015, and launched the product in April 2015 on invitation-only basis and publicly as per Q3 2015. “Elevate enables employee advocacy at scale.”

I was promised on 13 April 2016, 2 days before the roll-out: “I think you should wait for the Elevate roll-out then and park Hootsuite. Elevate has an amazing scheduling functionality which just takes the guess-work out of scheduling. Also, the analytics that you will be able to see for the content that you have shared is fantastic. It will be well-worth the wait I think.”

Elevate can publish to LinkedIN, Twitter, and Facebook profile. Upon subscribing with your work email address you get several topics / themes for which you will get curated content. Mobile and web version work seamlessly and integrated. A ElevateIt booklet is available to share whatever you find interesting on the web. Already scheduled content however still is presented as shareable. And once logged out, it’s not clear how to get back into Elevate. Elevate is nowhere to be found within LinkedIN itself, although your LinkedIN credentials are used. Surfing to brings you to a landing page and Get started link. Elevate and regular LinkedIN environments are separated, so much is clear.

  • Robust mobile app
  • A consolidated view of scheduled content
  • Details on those engaging with content
  • Schedule content during the best time for your network in 30 mins slots.