First IIL Agile and Scrum virtual conference announced: Driving Success Through Innovation

hdr-agile-scrum-conferenceGet ready for a day of learning, sharing, and collaborating. On June 2nd, International Institute for Learning (IIL) is bringing together the world’s foremost thought leaders and inuencers – people who have not only developed, but have successfully applied Agile Project Management and Scrum methods to strategic initiatives, including scaling Agile in the enterprise. Join me and all the other participants in the first of an annual series of virtual conferences on Agile and Scrum: Driving Success Through Innovation. You can hear from and interact with speakers who have blazed the trail from traditional waterfall to Agile methods in projects across a host of application areas, such as product development, operations, finance, sales and marketing. Whether you’re wondering what all the buzz is about in Agile and Scrum, or have several successful projects “under your
belt” and want to learn more, this is the place to be on June 2nd.

Who are the keynote speakers?

And more….

18 video presentations on topics ranging from Scrum for Hardware – Concepts & Implementation, Foundations of SAFe for Lean Software and Systems Engineering, Blending Lean UX with Agile Scrum to Agile PMO and Agility by the Numbers – Calculating Return on Investment with Agile.

Next you will get two bonus on-demand courses valued at $1000, and  20 PDUs for PMI®
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Who should attend?

IIL’s virtual conference will benefit all attendees, from experienced Agile Practitioners, Scrum Masters, Developers, and Coaches, to those just starting out, such as a BA new to a Scrum team, or the project manager assuming the role of Scrum Master. CIOs and business unit heads responsible for transforming their organizations from traditional techniques to Agile/Scrum will be rewarded by listening to those that have already conquered that challenge.

IIL’s vision for “Agile and Scrum—Driving Success Through Innovation” is one that is all inclusive: affordable, accessible to a global audience, and with something for everyone—companies already practicing Agile, those that have just begun their journey, and others who are evaluating whether Agile/Scrum methods and practices are right for the kinds of projects—and culture—evident in their organization.

Value for money

$149 to access all the content. In my opinion that’s way cheaper than attending a regular conference in a convention center offering less speakers. No travel time, no hassle, and still the opportunity for Q&A, networking with peer attendants, and download presentation materials.

The virtual conference goes live on June, 2nd, but is accessible for 90 days onward. In other words: don’t feel stressed to watch everything in a single session. Take your time to absorb, practice, inspect & adapt.

Still not convinced? Then check out the programme, or my 3-part review of 2015’s International Project Management Day, a similar virtual conference that IIL organized.