Dan Buri – Pieces Like Pottery

piecespotteryWe are broken vessels. Pieces Like Pottery is a first collection of short fiction and poetry from Dan Buri. Loss of childrens and lovers, heartbreak, and bizarre accusations that cause separation are the main theme. You’ll learn a couple’s struggle staying married after their son disappeared in Thailand on a hiking tour. A catholic priest that obeys a stranger’s request to take care of his two children is falsely accused of child abuse. A dock worker meets a bartender and discover the tragic past that connects the two.

Nine stories, carefully crafted with personalities you can relate to give a remarkable insight in in mankind’s universal trials of life. The sorrows we all encounter and the love we need to survive.

About the author

Dan Buri’s first collection of short fiction, Pieces Like Pottery, is an exploration of heartbreak and redemption that announces the arrival of a new American author. His writing is uniquely heartfelt and explores the depths of the human struggle and the human search for meaning in life.

Mr. Buri’s non-fiction works have been distributed online and in print, including publications in Pundit Press, Tree, Summit Avenue Review, and TC Huddle. The defunct and very well regarded Buris On The Couch, was a He-Says/She-Says blog musing on the ups and downs of marriage with his wife.

Mr. Buri is an active attorney in the Pacific Northwest and has been recognized by Intellectual Asset Magazine as one of the World’s Top 300 Intellectual Property Strategists every year since 2010. He lives in Oregon with his wife and two-year-old daughter.