Sara Elbaroudi – A Human Resources Manager Memoir


Sara Elbaroudi collected her memories of her 9 years as human resources manager in A Human Resources Manager Memoir. She targets young professionals to guide them along their own HR career. Despite a couple of recommended books at the end of every career stage spanning a couple of years each, there’s not much guidance. 99% is a rather superficial recapitulation of the author’s own career, as if you’re reading a LinkedIN profile.

With only 9 years of work experience in the Gulf states and Egypt I expect something special and unique to write a 90-pages memoir about. Otherwise, it’s better to do that upon retirement. Now the ambition is set way too high: “share with them a real life experience with all its ups & downs; It is also to challenge them and enlighten them in every possible way.” This book simply doesn’t meet up these expectations.

About the author

Sara Elbaroudi was born in KSA. For ten years now, she has been an HR professional in Egypt as well as the Middle East. She has great passion for HR and has well rounded experience. For her; HR is all about interaction and Return On Investment (ROI). To her HR has always been about adding value to a business, rather than a monotonous series of vague input. HR is key and can drive great tangible and intangible results.

The author provided me a free review copy in exchange for my personal impression.