Ashley Korin McLean – Confidence: Your Secret Weapon

confidenceWhen I started reading Confidence: Your Secret Weapon, I thought of studying yet another ‘claim your success’ self-help guide. Ashley Korin McLean‘s intentions are to provide hands-on questions and answers to let her readers take a couple of first steps to improve their self-esteem, avoid negative thoughts and develop self-confidence. Success is not made or enforced, failures will come. We all make mistakes, and have to apply coping mechanisms. Positive thinking without action is useless.

I missed a personal approach, practical stories or examples. The way McLean writes consists of many sections like: “When these moments occur in life, it is important to take a step back and analyze the situation and decipher the true culprit of the negative energy we may feel. We should address the issue in a constructive way to allow for a comfortable resolution and follow through on the personal actions we need to take for ourselves to get back on track.” and The law of attraction explains that things of similar nature will be attracted to each other. Successful activity will attract more successful activity. This all has to do with our mindsets, how we create them and the behaviors that result.”

Meditation or prayer, quiet time, visualization techniques, the importance of relationships with friends and family, conflict handling, avoidance of self-fulfilling prophecies and tackling intrusive thoughts are dealt with in this book. The author offers many techniques like keeping a stress journal, focus on the good, forgiveness, refusing negative comments. Exercises conclude each chapter. Confidence is a never ending journey, where there is always room for growth and development.

About the author

Ashley Korin McLean is a model, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, who is dedicated to helping others in their personal development, especially young adults. She is also the founder of the Korin Black Project, a charitable foundation that aims to inspire, support and empower young girls and women to become poised and confident leaders in their personal lives and careers.

A graduate of Bradley University, Ashley Korin earned a Bachelor’s degree in advertising and multimedia. When not spending time with her family, she enjoys traveling, speaking to teens and young adults in the areas of self-improvement and working in the fashion industry. She is a proud Chicago native.