Walter Rhein – Reckless Traveler

walter rhein reckless travelerTravel helps separate what is real from what is not. Travel is education without agenda, and the person who completes a journey can depend on being improved over the one who set out. Welcome to Walter Rhein, the Reckless Traveler, an American who traveled to Lima, Peru as a tourist, and ended up living there for another decade. The book’s a collection of travelogue and memoir, short stories about his adventures abroad. From teaching English in local Puruvian schools, learning Spanish and making all kinds of mistakes while practicing. Walter wrestled with kidney stones, met several medicine men and women, and learned to know a beautiful woman by pretending not to understand her compliments and desires spoken in Spanish. Discover the pleasure of being robbed, visit Machu Picchu to list a few, or feel the blisters popping up in a multi day hike on ancient Inca paths through the mountains. Rhein takes you to Chile and Venezuela, bus trips, bureaucrats, parties and local population. Reckless Traveler is fast-paced, well-written, a pleasure to read.

About the author

Walter Rhein was born in Wisconsin, but moved to Lima, Peru in his twenties. There, he supported himself by writing, teaching, translating and editing. He currently splits his time between Wisconsin and Peru. Be sure to check out his blog at

The author provided me a free review copy in exchange of my unbiased, personal review.