Jesse Birkey – Finding Home

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In the Christian fiction title Finding Home by Jesse Birkey,you’ll meet a couple of mentally and spiritual wounded people searching healing and a place called home. John lost his family in a tragic accident and turned to alcohol, sex and bar fights. Alice did a suicide attempt that took her to Redwood, New York. Encounters with Jesus Christ follow. He shows himself in the most delicate and lonely situations, stimulates humans to show love and reach out to their neighbors, sometimes complete strangers in a restaurant, hospital or village. Only by listening to and obeying what Jesus says, the instructions aren’t inner voices of a lunatic, but humans as instruments of divine intervention.

The book contains supernatural healing, remarkable family reunion, and the effects of forgiveness and unconditional love. The characters and their conversations are lively, as reader I could relate to these persons and stay hooked throughout the plot. Where other Christian fiction often is preachy or soft, here raw and unpolished human traits are pointed out in full, as well as the ever present and loving God who’s longing for a living relationship with earthlings. Next to the fictional story line you’ll be surprised to see answers to the question where God is in the middle of desperation and suffering.

About the author

Jesse Birkey lives in Florida with his wife Kara and their two children. He grew up in the church, as his father was a pastor for 20 years. He has worked as a firefighter/paramedic since 2003. He lived a very lukewarm life until God radically intervened. Jesse came to the revelation that he needed a relationship with God and not a religion. He made a choice to die to himself, sacrificing his own selfish desires, and learned to walk in obedience to God. Jesse is an experinced conference speaker and prayer minister with Operation Light Force. He and Kara continue to minister as the Lord leads.

I received a copy of Finding Home from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.