Brad McKinniss – Beast Machine

beastmachineHow would local Arkansas residents respond to a fully unknown politician? One, who’s pretending to be someone else? How can the masses be prepared to believe in the future envisioned by this middle-aged billionaire Chairman Obelis? Another story is featured in Beast Machine. 20-something Gora seeks revenge for scientists all over the U.S. who screwed her career and life. She uses a novel machine and photographs to create half-humans, half-beasts: HitBear (mixing Adolf Hitler and a bear), OwlBert (Albert Einstein as an owl), and Tubman (made from Harriet Tubman‘s picture). Both stories start to intermingle. Discover who’s in control of mankind. Will the beasts take over? What’s the role of the Flagship, and doctor Silva’s operations in a former mine?

Beast Machine contains many conversations, lengthy descriptions of sounds, as you would expect in a script for a play instead of a novel. Pages full of ‘Ding-a-dong’, ‘buzzzt’, footsteps and groans. The pace in the stories is rather slow, while the violence used at the revenge missions of Gora and her beasts is graphic and cruel. As a reader you wonder where this will lead to. Brad McKinniss leaves the end open, able to write a sequel.