Sharlene Almond – Initiated to Kill

initiatedtokillFreemasons believe they already conquered the world. Their fraternity, often dubbed as cult, is secretive and inwtined in both virtuous and criminal deeds. Some say the Freemasons were involved in the Jack the Ripper murders. A great recipe for a mystery novel, crime fiction, conspiracy theory mixture. Initiated to Kill by Sharlene Almond has two story lines about two men, one in 19th century Whitechapel district of London, England, the other in the 20th century Seville, Spain. They’re Iniated in a local Freemasons chapter, swearing not to reveal any of the organization’s secrets. Leaks will lead to a vendetta. The first storyline is used alternating the unraveling serial killings in Spain, where girls are raped and their organs ripped, the heart marked with a 6 and sent to the local police station. Crime investigators don’t have a clue who’s responsible, and how to decypher the messages left behind at the crime scene.

The sexual tension among the killers and victims, the ritual murders, and fear of the women are described graphically. Historical details and many hints at possible Freemasons’ involvement in architecture, politics, and econonmy thrown in every now and then. One girl, Annabella Cordova, protagonist in several chapters, has the gift to read facial and body language in people. Since her roommate is missing, she’s personally involved in finding who did it. Past and present are aligned, the ultimate answer what the Freemasons have to do with these killings is left until the end. The plot’s open for a follow-up. Once I was at 30% or so, Initiated to Kill became a joy to read, the structure set and characters more easy to differentiate.

About the author

Sharlene Almond lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her two dogs. Although she have had training in Beauty and Spa therapy, editing, journalism, animal behavior and photograpy, criminology and counseling, her main interest lies in writing novels which allows her to explore and learn about other eras and countries, creating characters that have deep rooted flaws, but uses those to achieve the end goal. Her inspiration for novels came by accident, when finishing writing her first novel and starting to edit it, she stumbled across a conspiracy theory, in which some believed the Freemasons were involved in the Jack the Ripper murders. From there, the historical aspect took shape, continuing throughout all the novels she writes. She hopes that each novel she writes doesn’t necessarily cause a person to believe in the conspiracy or myth, but challenges what they really believe could be possible. She hopes her readers can transport themselves back in time, learn more about the world around them, and maybe even question certain things they believe in.

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The author provided me a free review copy without the obligation to write a positive review.