John Cosstick – How to Be Self-Employed: A Freelance Work from Home Guide

41rLvNROV9L._AA160_With millions and millions of self-empoyed profesisonals swarming around the globe’s outsourced or newly created jobs, John Cosstick offers time-saving advice in the 120 pages of How to Be Self-Employed: A Freelance Work from Home Guide. If you’re looking for inspiration or resources, this book’s a well of tips and lifehacks. Cosstick’s stressing the importance of finding your unique spot, excel in time management and setting the right financial targets and arrangements to avoid being scammed or exploited.

The e-book is overflowing from hyperlinks, useful tips and lessons learned. Pictures and formatting, the contributions from experts all over the world practice what’s being preached. Hopefully you’ll benefit too from Cosstick’s self-help guide. More can be found online.

About the author
John Cosstick is the author of a successful website on freelancing and work at home business solutions, He has also produced websites on social media contracting and identity theft.
In his long and varied career he has been a banker, an accountant, a certified financial planner and a private property trust administrator. John is now a professional freelance journalist and author. His deep understanding of the issues facing freelancers and the self-employed has arisen from his own personal experience in this field.

His aim is to help those who have found themselves looking for employment in a workforce which has changed almost beyond recognition in the last 20 years. He is aware that it is particularly difficult for those affected by economic downturn (e.g. farmers caught in a cycle of droughts or floods, people living in areas where the local industries such as manufacturing, mining or ship building have collapsed, those living in situations of political unrest, the aftermath of war or in isolated communities).

I got a free review copy from the author.