G. M. Potter – Clowns and Buffoons: Short Stories

clownsbuffoonsIn his first book, Clowns and Buffoons: Short Stories, G. M. Potter, brings you 10 short stories about clowns. As clowns are experts in triggering both laughter as well as confusion or even tears, this collection has all kinds of characters. A baby clown, fatherless clowns, a clown as crime detective, one tired of practical jokes, and a clown being managed in and out malls to entertain his public, to name a few without spoiling their adventures in detail. The stories not necessarily end with a joke, a trick or circus performance. With and without make-up, these clowns share some of their lives, their emotions, uncertainty and failures. They’re human, despite the colorful clothing and grease paint. The book keeps you entertained for about 2 hours.

About the author

G. M. Potter was born in Santa Monica, California. He has worked as a soldier, carpenter, chef, financial consultant, and writer.

After returning to university at the age of thirty, Potter earned a degree in English from the University of California at Berkeley and counts those years as some of the greatest of his life. He currently lives with his partner, Robin, in Montana.