Fran Sciacca – So, What’s Your Point?: Realigning Our Story with the Only One That Matters

sowhatspointFran Sciacca offers a perceptive and incisive social analysis – particularrly of American, and more pointed;u evangelical, cultural values. Somehow our point in God’s Great Story has been lost out of sight, out of mind. Instead, the American Dream, politics, technology invaded churches and the lives of Christians. Sciacca analyzes and criticizes the developments since the pivotal 1960s. So, What’s Your Point?: Realigning Our Story with the Only One That Matters, helps to find your focus points again, offers biblical theology to unfold the Story from Genesis to Revelation. Drenched in Bible quotes, razor sharp thought about authors, preachers, culture and our forgotten mission are brought to light again.

Forget the How to-books, the self-help section in your local Christain bookstore, the preachers and teachers that claim to know exactly how the end times will look like. Let Jesus Christ be your true north. Fran Sciacca shows a new identity ladder for people of faith: Adamic, Adopted, Abrahamic, Alien, Apprentice, Ambassador, and Advocate. The book contains lots of valuable lessons on being adopted into God’s familiy, instead of being born again in it. It really emphasizes the importance of acknowledge of the consequences of sin, and the shallowness of “getting in”, “pray a prayer, live happily and go to heaven” or the “4 points and a prayer” version of the gospel. Way more important is the restoration of shalom on Earth.

Whom you are worshipping may not be whom you are serving. What’s Your Point? contains an important message, that needs your attention.

About the author

Fran Sciacca (pronounced “shock-a”) is a veteran Bible teacher, an author, and the director of Hands of Hur, a teaching and training ministry for biblical integrity and cultural relevance. He is a sought-after speaker for church and parachurch events, including retreats and collegiate conferences. Sciacca has authored over 30 books and Bible studies and has won three Gold Medallion Book Awards for his writing. Fran lives in Birmingham, Alabama.