Darren Bridger – Decoding the Irrational Consumer

cover66177-mediumDarren Bridger looks at a number of the recent theories and ideas underpinning how marketers, ad creators, designers and neuroscientists use neuromarketging data. Most people do not accurately self-report their motivations. Rather than taking rational decisions their emotions, feelings and past experiences cause their brains to take short cuts. The industry requieres new market research tools. All major international companies trying to understand consumer behaviour include some understanding of the noncnscious, intuitive consumer.

Decoding the Irrational Consumer offers a revamped toolbox consisting elements from neuro-aesthetics (insights from neuroscience on what we find beautiful, pleasurable or attractive and why), behavioural economics (studies how people make decisions about value), implicit response measures (computer-based online tests), facial action coding (common expressions across cultures), biometrics (bodilly metrics like heart rate and skin conductance), eye-tracking, EEG, fMRI, and SST (to measure brain activity while performing tasks or answering questions), and prediction markets (removing noise in the responses of individuals by aggregating the group response as a whole).

While the book may become obsolete within a decade due to the fast developments in the forementioned academic research fields, Decoding the Irrational Consumer is a powerful guide for industry professionals. Clear and concise writing style, packed with illustrations and interesting facts.

About the author

Darren Bridger works as a consultant to marketers, advising on using and analysing data that tap into consumers’ non-conscious thinking and motivations. He was one of the original pioneers of the Consumer Neuroscience industry, co-founding both the world’s first full-service agency, Neuroco, and the first agency dedicated to serving the public relations industry, MindLab International, then joining the world’s largest agency, Neurofocus, as its second employee outside of the US.