Craig Groeschel – #Struggles Following Jesus in a Selfie-Centered World

strugglescraigCraig Groeschel, founding and senior pastor of is back with a new book presenting his audience a mirror on their online and offline behaviour that may be qualified as addictions or distractions. #Struggles: Following Jesus In a Selfie-Centered World. It’s you as the center of the universe taking endless #selfies, craving for likes, kudos and superficial friends, followers and connections. It’s you sleeping with your phone, online 24/7. It’s you when no one is watching…addicted to porn, gambling or shopping sites.

Groeschel has a wake up call for you. He admits to have struggled with several of these addictions as well. He too missed purpose and focus many times, and re-found it through some awkward situations. Nothing on earth can ever satisfy the spiritual longing you feel inside. The author points at Jesus Christ, who should be our focus point. We’re saved by grace, not our social influence or hours spent online. Groeschel spends a lot of pages on all kinds of #selfies and their impact, but also teaches about modern idolatry, online gossiping, constant criticism, and the ease of putting on masks when we present ourselves online. We relate to other people through our weaknesses, not our strengths.

Sometimes the author seems to come to the conclusion that it’s better to throw away your smartphone and dismantle your online profiles. In the end it comes down to a lesser radical, and maybe effective, alternative: deliberate management of your online presence. 10 Commandments of Using Social Media to Strengthen Your Faith, and Creating Safeguards for Your Digital Device may help. If your problems turn out to be more serious, counseling is needed. A book like this can only give some advice.

About the author

New York Times bestselling author Craig Groeschel is the founding and senior pastor of, a pacesetting multicampus church and creators of the popular and free YouVersion Bible App. He is the author of several books, including Fight, Altar Ego, Soul Detox, Weird, The Christian Atheist, and It. Craig, his wife, Amy, and their six children live in Edmond, Oklahoma.