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thefirstadamWho doesn’t want to kow his ancestors? And who knows the real story of the first humans? What did life look like for them? Andreas Economou takes you back 200,000 years ago. Packed between a prologue and epilogue in which his Ethopian source is introduced. The amazing story that was handed over to him unfolds in First Adam, recounts the coming of age of Omo, the first homo erectus, in a quest to find his real parents, after losing his foster mother and wife. He leaves his ‘Clan’ to journey northbound along a river, staying with a second Clan for a while. He finds love in Ava, the most beautiful woman he ever saw 😉

When she’s pregnant the couple continues their now joint effort to find Omo’s parents. Dreams not only reveal to Omo how to ignite a new fire without live coals, but also how Mother Nature excludes claims by gods, or religion to possess the truth about creation stories or the obligation to worship gods or a single god. And though the author suggests that ‘The Christian Bible‘ and other legends were flawed variations on this true original storyline, the opposite is less fictional.

First Adam is a lively pictyure of what life for the first humans could have been like. Many details from the book Genesis (first book of MosesThorah by the way, not the ‘Christian Bible’ in the first place) like The Garden of Eden with its four rivers, of which one in Ethiopia inspired the author to place the story here, Cain, and Able, Seth, the forbidden fruit, the Serpent with his devilish lies and cruel plans to destroy, embodied in Enolo’s son Folano, angels like Gabriel, a first set of 5 Commandments, Noah’s Ark and the Flood, as well as gods copulating with humans, are present. However there’s no trace of God, His commandments and puishment, love and grace. Greek myths like Orestes and Eurydice, Prometheus the thief of fire, Midas turning stones into gold, the lost Island of Atlantis, Pandora’s box, as well as a legendary lost kind of mighty forefathers, are thrown in the mix as well.

After a moving climax which I will not spoil here, I found the Epilogue rather weak. It appeared as if the author still had an agenda left: both incest and homosexuality being regarded as a given, the first even necessary to populate the Earth starting as a single couple.

About the author

Andreas Economou is a retired banker and a resident of Larnaca, Cyprus. After almost 30 years of ‘slaving’ in a bank, he now happily spends his days writing. Always preferring to deal with the ‘big picture’, “First Adam” is his alternative suggestion on how humanity could have emerged.

The author provided me a free review copy of the book without an obligation to write a positive review.